Technical Services Center Support Plan

Vesta Solutions, Inc. offers Software support to purchasers (“Licensee” or “Customer”) of its application Software, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Technical Services Center Support Plan (“Support Plan”), which is made a part of and is incorporated by reference into the License and Support Agreement entered into by Customer and Vesta Solutions, Inc.. Defined terms as set forth in the License and Support Agreement shall have the same meaning in this Support Plan. This Support Plan does not apply to system software or any other third party software.

Conditions of the Support Plan

In order to keep the Support Plan active, the Customer is required to:

  1. Pay all applicable Hosting Fees; and
  2. Comply with all terms and conditions of this Support Plan and the License and Support Agreement.


TSC     Technical Services Center

TSS     Technical Services Specialist

TSA     Technical Services Analyst

Response Time is the period of time that it takes the TSC to call the Customer back when a voice mail has been left or to provide an update on the call ticket. Response times are only implemented when the call is not resolved on the first call. Response Time does not mean Resolution Time.

Resolution Time is the period of time it takes to solve a problem. The resolution time is different for each situation and cannot be determined until the appropriate TSC personnel have evaluated the problem and are able to determine an approximate resolution time.

Support Services Provided

Supported Products

The TSC will only support Software approved and installed by Vesta Solutions, Inc.. The TSC will not resolve requests associated with software other than that provided by Vesta Solutions, Inc.; the requests will, however, be logged into the database. Pursuant to this Support Plan, Vesta Solutions, Inc., as coordinated by its Technical Service Center, will provide issue resolution and updates to supported Software as further described below.

Hours of Operation

Normal Business Hours (NBH): Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Central Time.
After hours Emergency support only - see Call Levels

Issue Resolution

The TSC works with Customers to resolve issues related to supported Software that does not perform materially in accordance with the then current Documentation for such Software. This service is designed to support the Customer’s technician who is adequately trained in the product about which they are calling and listed as an approved Customer Contact with NSS TSC. To be adequately trained the Customer’s technician must have received training directly through an Vesta Solutions, Inc. training program or have been trained by a Customer Technician that has received training directly through Vesta Solutions, Inc.. A trained Customer’s technician is responsible for attempting to troubleshoot issues prior to calling TSC. If the Customer’s technician is not adequately trained, based on the description above, in the product about which he or she is calling, and thus not listed as an approved Customer Contact, NSS TSC personnel will attempt to contact an approved Customer contact for problem resolution.

For security purposes, only Customer contacts that are listed with TSC will receive support unless a listed contact provides approval to do so. In the event of an emergency TSC may make a special allowance if TSC personnel are unable to reach one of the listed contacts for verification.

To better facilitate high first call resolution for on premise solutions, the TSC will utilize remote control software. This will allow the TSC to connect to the Customer’s system via a dial-up or network connection and “take control” of the system to perform troubleshooting and/or resolution services. The TSS/TSA will at all times advise the Customer of their intention to access the system, and upon completion will advise the Customer that they have left the system, relaying to them what steps were taken to resolve an issue. The TSC will maintain a database of all calls received from the Customer, the steps taken to resolve and the resolution. The database will show dates when a call was received and dates of all contacts related to call.

TSC will work with the Customer to identify errors or defects in the Software, and if the TSC is unable to confirm that such error or defect exists through independent testing, it will then escalate the issue to the NSS R&D Department. The TSC will remain as the Customer contact and will work with the R&D Department to provide updated information to the Customer through resolution of the issue.

Contacting the NSS Technical Services Center

During Normal Business Hours (NBH): Customers may call a dedicated ACD at 888.322.4200 or 615.794.2307. If all TSC personnel are busy assisting other customers, the call will go to voice mail. If the caller is experiencing an emergency (see Call Levels below) they may press 0 for the operator and a TSC manager will be paged to assist.
If the call is not an emergency (as defined below), the caller should leave a message with their name, company name and ID, telephone number and a brief description of the reason for the call. Messages are checked frequently and calls are returned in the order in which they are received, but always within four (4) hours.

After Hours Emergency: If the Customer is experiencing an emergency (as defined below) they should call the TSC at 888.322.4200 or 615.794.2307. The call will be routed to an answering service where the Customer should leave a clear message with their name, company name and ID, telephone number and a brief description of the reason for the call. The on-call TSS will be paged and will return the call within 15 minutes of receipt of the page.

E-mail Requests: The TSC will respond to e-mail requests within eight (8) business hours.

Note: Emergency or very important requests should always be phoned into the TSC. E-mail can sometimes be unreliable and the TSC has no control over the timely delivery of requests. E-mail service level commitments are based on the time the requests actually reach the TSC.

Call Levels Applied to This Support Plan

Emergency Call - Immediate Response during NBH; within 15 minutes of page outside NBH

  • Server Applications will not start.
  • Site is experiencing an actual emergency and the system will not send out notifications to one or more device types.
  • Site initiates activation, attempts to stop it, and experiences difficulty doing so.

Routine Call - 4 hour Response Time

  • Reports are not functioning properly.
  • Testing system and needs help making adjustments.
  • Assistance with modifying roster members or groups.
  • Assistance with speech recording done by Site.
  • Assistance creating template scenarios.

Services that require advanced scheduling

  • Installation of software or hardware updates or additional configurations.
  • Modifications to the system to accommodate telephony changes.
  • Vesta Solutions provided speech recording.
  • GIS Updates.

Call Procedures & Escalation

The Technical Service Center will maintain call ownership throughout the entire request process. The TSC will address incoming calls as follows.

  1. Capture the Request - The TSS/TSA will capture all requests by phone, e-mail, or voice mail and verify the right to service based on the Customer's name, support contract status and the approved software support list. If the request relates to unsupported software, the Customer will be notified. Otherwise, the analyst will continue with Step 2.
  2. Log Request into the Database - The TSS/TSA will open a ticket in the call management system. Information included on the ticket will include the Customer's name, location, description of problem, severity of problem, and time of request and person reporting the issue.
  3. Troubleshoot the Request - The TSS/TSA responsible for resolving the call will acknowledge the open ticket and work with the Customer to resolve the issue.
  4. Escalate to Second Level - The TSS will escalate the request to second level support when the first contact is unable to make progress in the resolution of the issue in a timely manner.
  5. Log Resolution into the Database - The TSS/TSA will log the resolutions to requests in the call management database.
  6. Verify Customer Satisfaction - The TSS/TSA will follow up and verify that the Customer is satisfied with the resolution.
  7. Close the Request or Ticket - All tickets will be closed after Customer satisfaction has been verified.

Customer Responsibilities
  • The Customer shall maintain the current version of the Vesta Solutions, Inc. application software, or one version back from the most current version.
  • The Customer Site should have at least one system administrator that has attended Vesta Solutions, Inc. training, either at the Customer Site or at the Vesta Solutions, Inc. Training Center. The Customer shall provide the administrator’s contact information to Vesta Solutions, Inc..
  • Customer will schedule install of all updates in a timely manner.
  • Customer will work with TSC staff to maintain an accurate database of contact names.
  • Customer will respond to requests for information in a timely manner.

Support Limitations

Vesta Solutions’s support obligations hereunder will not apply to any Vesta Solutions, Inc. supported application Software if correction of an error, adjustment, repair, or parts replacement is required because of:

  • Damage or destruction caused by natural or man-made acts or disasters.
  • The operation of the software in a manner other than that currently specified by Vesta Solutions, Inc..
  • The failure of the Customer to provide suitable qualified and adequately trained operating and maintenance staff.
  • Incompatible or faulty Customer equipment.
  • Modifications made without Vesta Solutions, Inc.’s written approval to the OS, network, hardware or software environment or software applications.

Further, support described herein does not include cosmetic repairs, refurbishment, furnishing consumables, supplies or accessories, making accessory changes or adding additional devices or software applications.

Telephone support and/or field engineering necessary to rectify such unsupported failures as described above may be obtained from Vesta Solutions, Inc. on a time & materials basis as set forth in the applicable price list. The labor rate charged will be the then current Vesta Solutions, Inc. labor rate (plus expenses) at the time service is requested.

Software Updates

Vesta Solutions, Inc. will provide application Software updates. Application Software updates are defined as minor enhancements to the already purchased product feature / functionality set.  A program update is classified as minor, in the discretion of Vesta Solutions, Inc., based upon the impact of the change to the core functionality of the product. Notice of all Software updates available during the term of the Support Plan will be posted under the “latest Updates and Patches” section for each product on the Vesta Solutions, Inc. Support Website located at (login required). Application Software program updates will roll into the existing Support Plan, thereby not extending the term of the Support Plan. Any change in the two numbers following the decimal point within the product version number constitutes an application software program update (for example a change from product version 1.10 to 1.20, or 2.11 to 2.12, or 3.20 to 3.30, etc. will represent an application software program update).

Other Services

Other services not specifically identified as being included in this Support Plan, including but not limited to training, implementation services, and custom development, are not included.